Abuse in Care

I will be writing many, many posts about abuse in Care because it has become so common that it’s almost synonymous with being in Care.

The most important thing you need to know is if anyone in the home or affiliated with the home (group home teachers, therapists, etc) abuse you–you can sue the government and get compensated as well as get out of that home.

It is your right to know this information, but they do not tell you this. You must report any abuse to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board here and you can file a specific personal injury claim against a specific staff or group home here, but first inform your worker of the abuse and also remember CAS pays for your lawyer.

This is powerful knowledge in your hands. It means instead of running away or fighting staff, you go through the correct channels to the justice and quality levels of living you deserve in Care.

Here is a pretty comprehensive list of what defines abuse, and the different types of abuse there are. The people in charge of caring for you should not be abusing you or any other resident.

I was abused in Care and unaware I could sue for any abuse or suffering caused while in Care. Unfortunately, this means those same abusers are still working with youth, and worse, some have been promoted to higher positions so I hope that justice will be dealt and these abusive staff members and those who do nothing to stop abuse in group homes are kept far away from vulnerable youth and children.

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