The Connection Part One: Agriculture

  There is a link between the agricultural industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the prison industry and government care of children. I believe that I can outline the link and how they affect you.

1. Agricultural industry is responsible for spraying thousands of tonnes of pesticides on the food you eat daily from the supermarket, and companies like Monsanto that have a stronghold in politics and billions of dollars are making us sick with these pesticides and GMOs (genetically engineered organisms).

These pesticides that are in our food here in Canada and the US harm the child from as early as the fetus stage, and cause many problems in children including behavioural issues like ADD and ADHD.  GMOs are also very detrimental or your health, and companies like Monsanto monopolize the food industry and you can bet that if it’s not Non-GMO certified and packaged, it has GMOs in it in ingredients like corn starch and corn syrup. If you look at the brands of Monsanto foods like Ritz and Kraft Foods, you wonder where can you go to escape the associated health risks.

   You won’t find pesticides and GMOs in certified organic food and non-GMO certified foods. The problem is, organic food is expensive and middle class and wealthy people are the ones who are safe from these risks. So who goes to No Frills or Food Basics and eats these hazardous foods? The poor and those lacking information. Even if most struggling families knew about the dangers of Monsanto produced food, they couldn’t afford not to eat it.

   And the children, who likely come from poor homes where there will be a myriad of factors that can get them into the System are being diagnosed with ADHD and ADD, the second part of the connection and a crucial part.

    I am not rich, myself and I only found out about the seriousness of GMOs due to the Millions Against Monsanto march in Toronto last month. I have a small son who is 16 months old, and I had to cut out all meat and eat affordable, organic staple foods like organic lentils, quinoa and oatmeal to avoid the pesticides and GMOs. Once a month I can afford a few luxury organic items like local, organic dairy and organic strawberry jam.

   Once Monsanto loses their stronghold on the food industry, healthy and safe food will be accessible to all people again. Monsanto  and GMO foods are  already banned in several countries such as Europe and Peru, and one county in Oregon, US. Hopefully Canada is next.

   In the meantime, petition for safe, organic foods in your residence. The government will pay for it. I requested organic food in my last home and this was accommodated. You can find organic foods at farmers market and food co-ops across Toronto.

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